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No respect

Heather-Lynn Evanson

No respect

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THERE IS an attitude of contempt for the courts by sections of the Public Service and even the private sector, Queen’s Counsel Ralph Thorne said yesterday.

He accused the Police Service Commission (PSC) of adopting that same stance, saying it had declared that regardless of the court’s decision, it will do what it intends to do in relation to the future of 14 police officers who are challenging their omission from the 2012 list of promotions.

Thorne was speaking on Day 2 of a hearing into an application, brought by the Police Service Commission, which has petitioned the court to dismiss the substantive matter brought by the officers, saying it was without substance.

“There is an attitude pervading the Public Service and even in the private sector, a marked disrespect for the courts, that the courts can do what they want to do, we will do what we have to do because we have the power,” Thorne charged, adding some agencies saw the court as a mere ceremonial body.