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FLYING FISH AND COU COI: Consultant counselors

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FLYING FISH AND COU COI: Consultant counselors

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AFTER CONDEMNING THE Barbados Labour Party for hiring consultants to carry out duties that could be performed by civil servants, the Freundel Stuart Government has retained two retired labour officers to work under the auspices of the Labour Department to counsel retrenched workers at the National Employment Bureau.

We understand that they will be employed for six months in the first instance.

It must, however, be noted that both officers retired last year and received their gratuities and are currently receiving pensions.

What everyone wants to know is if these two jobs could not have been given to young psychologists fresh out of university, instead of two untrained people.

It is alleged that they are receiving $10 000 per month consultancy fees. Clearly “a job for the boys’ at a time when the country is broke.


Out in the cold

A CERTAIN POLITICIAN is at odds these days with everybody.

Reports are that the politico was never a popular choice entering the political fray and what is compounding the problem is that those who should be watching the politician’s back have become fed up, saying they would prefer a new face in the line-up.

Although one person pointed out that there was still a lot of time left before the starting gun is fired again, word on the ground indicates that the politician’s chances might diminish the next time around and cause a tsunami-type swing.


Tension high

NERVOUSNESS – that’s how things are described these days in a certain business place.

With one bad egg exposed for back-door operations, some others are to and fro from the lavatory, worried that their turn could well be next.

Recent disclosures have left a lot of unanswered questions and making the rounds is that more could possibly fall into the pit of hell for their wrongdoings as well.