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Housing horror

Maria Bradshaw

Housing horror

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Five of the prospective homeowners who made payments to contractor Austin Bayley to construct homes at Mangrove, St Philip, are in a quandary over how the matter will be resolved now that the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) has terminated its contract with the builder.

The five paid the contractor various amounts to start construction of their homes – a joint project between the BWU and Beautiful Environmental Homes – for two- and three-bedroom houses valued at between $166 000 and $177 000.

The houses were to be built on lands owned by the BWU, which has severed relations with the company.

One of the aspiring homeowners, Patrick Kinch, 41, said he gave Bayley a total of $55 000 in 2009 – all of the money he had saved – to start construction of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house.