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Batteries a viable option

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Batteries a viable option

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So you want to reduce your electricity bill with a system that is not connected to Barbados Light & Power Company Limited?

Meet Jerry Franklin, an engineer and managing director of EnSmart Inc. Franklin is an energy auditor, equipment tester, and energy solutions provider for residential and commercial clients who either want to have systems that are tied to the grid or are independent of the power company.

There is a popular notion which says electricity-saving and energy reducing systems that harness the sun via photo voltaic panels are more expensive if batteries are used compared with those tied to the grid.

While accepting that there might be higher costs for a small consumer, Franklin told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY: ”Batteries can be a financially viable solution.”

He said some batteries, if maintained properly, may last as long as 20 years, thereby providing a quicker return on investment and a smart choice overall.

Ensmart Inc, based at Oughtlands Park,

St Philip, is a year-old renewable energy firm providing options to residential and commercial firms.

Franklin said battery-based renewable energy systems offer the additional  advantage of providing power when the electricity grid is down and an independence that householders and firms should not ignore.

He also recommended that energy audits be adopted as a first step to saving on electricity usage and costs. (HH)