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Trinidad set up ebola centre


Trinidad set up ebola centre

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Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan has said the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, has been added to the proposals to prepare for the imminent threat of Ebola.

He also said the authorities will be “beefing up” the number of port health workers at the Piarco International Airport and the ANR Robinson Airport in Scarborough.

He also said contrary to prevailing information passengers disembarking from an aircraft interact initially with port health workers before heading to immigration officers.

To date, Khan said, a ban has been instituted on travellers coming to T&T from African countries which have been stricken with Ebola.

Among them are Sierra Leone, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Nigeria.

People who visited those countries within the past weeks will not be allowed entry. Ebola is a deadly virus disease originating in parts of West Africa. It is classified as a haemorrhagic fever and may be transmitted through bodily secretions and fluids.

Asked if people had entered T&T from any of the banned countries yesterday, Khan said, “No, I have not been apprised.”

Asked about quarantine plans, Khan said: “In Caura and there are certain wards at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope. We are making these available should we have to quarantine someone. We are putting in beds and boards.”

Dr Khan said it was unfortunate the “Ebola imagery” that was being created in people’s minds was creating panic and anxiety.

He quickly reiterated: “Ebola is a dangerous and deadly disease.”

He added: “You are not going to get a shipload and a planeload of people with Ebola. That is not the correct imagery. They have one or two people. Not a whole planeload. People have to stop that image. It will be a small number of people. But Ebola is a dangerous and deadly disease.”  (Trinidad Express)