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From the Archives: Making Local Fruit Drinks


From the Archives: Making Local Fruit Drinks

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The following local drink recipes were taken from the NATION Archives.

Golden Apple Squash

2 golden apples

1 cup water

Juice of ½ lime

Sugar to taste

Method: 1. Wash and peel golden apples and grate finely.

2. Remove any tough strings.

3. Add water and lime juice

4. Sugar to taste.

5. Serve in a tall glass

Guava Drink

6 guavas (ripe)

1 cup water

Sugar to taste

Juice of ½ lime

Method: 1. Wash guavas and peel thinly.

2. Boil water and pour over the skins.

3. Rub the guavas through sieve to remove seeds.

4. Allow the water to cool, strain and add to the sieved guavas.

5. Add lime juice.

6. Sugar to taste.

7. Serve in a tall glass.

* These recipes were published in the Sunday Sun, November 3, 1974. Try them and tell us how they taste. You can also send pictures of the finished products or while you are mixing.

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