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Unfair move by LIME

Ronald and Mary Gibbs

Unfair move by LIME

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We have received a letter from Lime stating that as of January 1, 2015, they will be charging $4.68 for a written bill.

They ask us to pay online by e-billing which, according to them, will save money and be environmentally friendly. This charge is totally unfair to the consumer on several counts.

1. Many low-income people and seniors do not have a computer, nor can they afford one.  

2. For those of us who have to pay $4.68 for a written bill, who is saving money? Certainly not the consumer.

In our opinion, their letter to consumers is a form of blackmail; namely, we use their online system of e-billing or else . . . pay! They add a fee to a bill that used to be free and then tell us that we will save money by going online. Do they think we are stupid?

3. I can understand their suggesting that we use their e-billing system, since everything is getting computerised these days, but not under the threat of forcing those who choose not to do so – or who cannot do so because they do not have a computer – to pay a fee.  

4. By using e-billing, we will have to put sensitive information on LIME’s website. In this day and age of sophisticated computer hacking, why should we be forced to put our personal information online if we choose not to do so?

If LIME is going to tell us that their system is safe, I will remind them of cyber hacking against such retail giants as Walmart and Home Depot in the United States.

5. I find it hard to believe that LIME is suddenly concerned about the environment. That is just an excuse. I would suggest that they are more concerned about increasing their own profit margins by not paying for paper and stamps themselves, than they are about the environment or the people of Barbados.

I would remind them that we the people are part of the environment. With the cost of living going up, added taxes and a weak economy, where will it all end?