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MAVIS BECKLES: What happen tuh the lights?

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MAVIS BECKLES: What happen tuh the lights?

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THE OTHER DAY I see THE NATION newspaper had a li’l spread ’bout the beautiful lights in Bridgetown, so I made it my business tuh pass through Town the other night, just tuh see these pretty light the paper was raving ’bout . . . .

What lights? Ya mean dem few li’l nay-nay lights duh got stick up in Independence Square? Wha’, I was the most surprised person when I see these lights.

I was expecting tuh see the spectacle dat we used tuh having every year. If not all, the majority o’ the stores used tuh be light up beautiful as if evahbody was running some kinda competition tuh see who could have the most beautiful display fuh the entire season, which would be from November 1st right through the Christmas season.

Well, I ain’t gine tell you nuh lie: I was and I am still disappointed in how paltry Bridgetown look fuh the 48th anniversary of our Independence. The Public Building, which used tuh look splendid wid the lights string all ’round the windows and arches, barely got anything on pon it. All o’ dem trees by the taxi stand there in Heroes Square used tuh be full o’ lights; not one this year. The boardwalk use tuh have lights string all the way down the wharf and the bus terminal and the NIS Building, but not a light this year. I ain’t notice not even a good piece o’ bunting tuh indicate dat it is the month of Barbados’ 48th anniversary of Independence.

It is something else. This thing is real serious in trute! The people who used tuh put up lights from November 1st like duh decide dat duh ain’t burning up duh money in pretty lights, even if it will make other people, like simple me so, happy.

Okay, yes! Seriously though, we all know dat evahbody cutting back on spending and nuhbody doan know from one day tuh the next wha’ gine happen in the coming days or weeks, far less years. So I suppose duh holding on tuh the few coppers duh got. I also believe dat a lot o’ businesses have been having some serious challenges because o’ the downturn in the economy. Some businesses have even closed down, so I suppose dem is some o’ the reasons why some o’ the stores in town ain’t doing the lighting up thing again.

I cahn say I blame dem though. They have tuh know. Dem is the ones who feeling the pinch. But ya know when ya have gotten accustomed tuh something spectacular fuh the past nuff years and now at 48 years when you would think dat it would get better and better, ya like ya gone right back, before duh had a lighting ceremony and when Bridgetown used tuh look like a fairy tale wonderland.

 I ain’t get the chance tuh check out the roundabouts as yet, but I really hope dat duh look better than last year or duh look like anything at all.

Fuh some people, just seeing dem lights used tuh add something tuh both Independence and Christmas but evahthing seems tuh be very low-keyed this year.

The only thing dat is visible about Barbados’ Independence is the flags I see flying on some vehicles wherevah ya turn, but apart from dat, nuh lights, nuh nothing.

•Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.