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From The Archives: Woman eludes police

From The Archives

From The Archives: Woman eludes police

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POLICE IN BARBADOS gave chase to a man and a woman in a car along Hastings, Christ Church about 9 p.m. yesterday.

The couple, reportedly with a small child in the back seat, were suspected to be the “sob story” dup who have been collecting money from householders on the pretence that the car had run out of gasoline.

The police were called to Harts Gap, Christ Church where the woman, believed to be a Trinidadian, had visited several homes collecting money on the grounds that her car had run out of gas and that she lived at Crab Hill, St Lucy.

One resident, pretending to leave for the gas station, instead reported the matter to the police who arrived on the scene.

But the woman and her accomplice, in a red Japanese-made car, made good their escape down Harts Gap and on to the Hastings Highway.

The woman, giving her name as Whitney, has been referring persons to Turner’s Hall Plantation and Ashford Bird Park to collect the money she borrows.

Checks at those two establishments reveal that the woman does not live, nor is she employed at either of the places.