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From The Archives: 46 Bajans among those sent packing

From The Archives

From The Archives: 46 Bajans among those sent packing

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FORTY-SIX BARBADIAN farm labourers were among hundreds of West Indians sent home from Florida earlier this week.

They were among a total of 526 Barbadians who had left the island to cut canes in Miami.

And, while Government officials are still seeking conformation of Barbadian involvement in last Friday’s strike that reportedly led to armed police, soldiers and dogs being called in, some of the Barbadians have been telling a bitter story of their ordeal, comparing it to enslavement.

“We were not getting sufficient money,” said one, “we were only getting pushed around. The food … we could not eat it … the eggs on mornings … they were just starving us. It was slavery down there.”

The Barbadians said it was when things became unbearable that they decided to speak out against their treatment.

The majority of those striking for increased wages from the Okeelanta Corporation were Jamaicans, about 200 of whom were sent packing last Sunday.

They had gone to Florida in September and their contracts would have expired in April.”