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I CONFESS: Some women lie, cheat and steal

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I CONFESS: Some women lie, cheat and steal

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Women are among the biggest hypocrites to be found anywhere, and it is about time men stop getting taken in by their complaints and schemes.

Day in and day out women complain about bad treatment from men who they deem “no good” and they question men’s morals and values.

But does anyone ever think about the “horns” and “ready-made shirts” (children belonging to another man) women pass off every day? Why don’t women talk about that!

What about the amount of money they squeeze out of a man, leaving him by the wayside when he has nothing more to give. When they reach this stage they easily switch to another man who will be lucky if this game isn’t played on him as well.

And they want to claim men’s property even when they come into the relationship and find him with house, land and everything. Unfortunately the law works for them in scenarios like this.

It is not fair to men who are getting a bad rap.

As far as I am concerned, Bajan women need to be told in no uncertain terms that they are selfish, unfriendly and suspicious; they gossip too much and believe everything they hear, even without compelling evidence; they don’t know how to really care for a man; they allow their bodies to run to fat after having a child; and they are often boring in bed because they think that being adventurous is the same thing as being worthless.

I do not hide the fact that I have more than one woman in my life. In fact, I always let my main woman know that one woman cannot satisfy me and I will get involved with someone else.

If a woman does not like it when I tell her this, she is free to end the relationship.

I have adopted this attitude because I have seen some good fellows humbled by worthless women and I have had my share of blows.

I must confess that I was involved with a woman in my church. I really cared about her and was even thinking seriously about marriage. But while I delayed my proposal she turned to a man in another church and got married when I was just delaying until I found a home for us to live in.

You could imagine the amount of talk that generated. I was the laughing stock of everybody.

And she had the gall to invite my family to the wedding.

I always felt, though, that she should have told me she had her eyes on another man. But no, she went out with me, encouraged me with a few kisses and left me hopeful, never telling me she had another love interest.

I was so upset that I confronted her about her dishonesty. All she would say is that she didn’t want to wait so long to get married.

Can you believe that? Yet, women have the gall to complain that we men are heartless.

That was the second time I was bitten by a two-timing woman.

In the other case a woman I trusted enough to let her move into my home tried to milk me of my money. After living with me for a while she wanted to claim my property. All the funds for the building of the property were supplied by me, but I made the mistake of allowing her to buy the material.

Problems developed in our relationship and when we broke up she got a lawyer who ensured that she got her share of the property.

I had no way of proving the money was mine, so I had to pay her every cent that she claimed.

You could only imagine how my blood boiled to do that.

This woman stripped me and got away with it; and there was nothing I could do about it.

From that experience alone, I understood why some men lose their cool in dealing with women.

No one likes to be taken for a ride by a cheat.

Today, that same woman has apparently put her lying, deceitful ways behind her as she is into counselling. I guess she has the experience suited for her new role, but I wonder what she tells couples when she counsels them.

I could go on about the wicked things women have done to me and fellows I know, but I think I made my point.

Women need to clean up their act. (NA)