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A ‘Christmas miracle’


A ‘Christmas miracle’

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DR WAYNE KUBLALSINGH is a “Christmas miracle” who should present his medical records to the Guinness World Book of Records which would boost medical tourism in this country, says Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan.

Yesterday Kublalsingh marked 100 days of his second hunger strike during which he claims not to have consumed any food or water.

“He seems to be a Christmas miracle…it is passing strange and it would be nice if he could release his medical records then the Guinness World Book of Record would be proven wrong and we would have a world record holder here in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Khan.

“A lot of tourism would occur as people would come from all over the world to his house where he has been fasting to pay homage to the man who has broken the world record, there would be medical tourism attraction if he does produce his medical results,” Khan added.

The longest recorded case of survival without food and water is 18 days, according to the Guinness World Records.

This record is held by an 18-year-old Austrian named Andreas Mihavecz in 1979.
Khan told the Express yesterday the people are doubting Kublalsingh’s fast as the facts do not add up.

“Dr Kublalsingh has not yet produced his blood reports that were done at St Clair hospital, the Guinness World Book of Records has informed us that the longest fast was a record of 18 days, had Dr Kublalsingh provided his medical records, that would have provided us an indication of his health,” said Khan.

He recalled that Kublalsingh’s doctor Dr Asante VanWest Charles­ Le Blanc had withdrawn looking after him citing that he was near death and facing organ failure.
Khan said without any food and water for a long period, the body organs start to shut down — the kidneys and bowels and so on — and one goes into a state of “stupor”.

The Minister pointed out that Kublalsingh appears to be coherent and giving interviews. (Express)