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Jamaica investing heavily in technology


Jamaica investing heavily in technology

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KINGSTON – In a move to further boost technology in education, the Government has allocated more than $950 million for the Technology Infrastructure and Support Services programme.

Under the initiative, being implemented by the E-Learning Project, $250 million will go to the Ministry of Education for computer support services and staff training, while $700 million is earmarked for the Tablets in School Project.

The figures are contained in the 2015/16 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.

The Government’s technology in education programme is seeking to equip children with the necessary skills to be able to compete in the global workforce.

Objective of the project is geared at maintaining support services to the Ministry of Education for interventions provided under the e-Learning High School project, to allow the Ministry to deal with capacity building. The services include equipment maintenance and replacement, continued teacher training and professional development, and other support services for the sustainability of the project interventions.

Along with insurance of all the equipment, some 30 new administrators will be trained; others will receive refreshed training; technology integration training will be provided for 2 000 teachers; and there will be professional development for various personnel.

Another goal is the utilisation of tablet computer devices to increase learning opportunities for students.

The initial pilot project provided android tablet devices to students and teachers in 38 institutions free of cost, while the extension will be implemented in 25 additional institutions, and will test other tablet environments such as Microsoft, Apple and Google.

It will see 17 920 tablets distributed across the island to 16 820 students and 1 100 teachers. Areas of training will include advanced technology for teachers, provision of access to students, provision of other supporting technologies to institutions that were not in the high school project, and a comprehensive public education programme.