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PUDDING & SOUSE: B list makes the rounds


PUDDING & SOUSE: B list makes the rounds

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SEVERAL YEARS AGO the Mighty Gabby wrote about the list and it caused quite a stir.

Well, a new list is circulating and from what we understand it has sent many to seek medical attention.

This modern list, however, is not the “A” list which Gabby sang about but it’s more like a who’s who on the “B” list and it consists of the names of several men involved in the medical profession at a particular institution.

Sources say that from the time the list appeared on social media outlining who was gay and who was straight, it has led to a lot of debate, especially among the females.

Temporary shock

THERE WAS NOTHING but drama at a certain head office when staff who were laid off were brought back to help clean up the system.

While everyone was grateful for the extra hands on board it ended up leading to chaos when employees discovered that the temporary staff were actually being paid more than them.

There was a lot of tension in the office, with people only speaking to each other if it was absolutely necessary. What annoyed the workers even more was that the HR manager did nothing but surf the Net and play solitaire as usual. Even the chief financial officer disappeared every day for several hours.

Staff want to know how the temporary employees could get substantially more pay than them. Some are wondering whether they should ask to be laid off so that they can come back and receive a better pay?

Homeless frauds

BARBADIANS NEED TO BEWARE of two women who are preying on kind-hearted people in order to get food and shelter.

These women, a Barbadian and a Jamaican, usually hang out at bus stops, claiming that they are homeless. They also refer to themselves as sisters.

Many people have been helping them out by giving them food and shelter and even cash.

They both carry small bags which only contain underwear, tooth brush, soap and a few clothes. And the Barbadian, who does most of the talking, usually comes up with these fanciful stories about them losing their home in a fire. People have since discovered that these women are nothing but frauds.

They have stolen from some of the people who have taken them in. People need to be on the lookout for these two scammers.