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ALTAR CALL: ‘Check your foundation’

Cheryl Harewood

ALTAR CALL: ‘Check your foundation’

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CHECK your spiritual foundation and set your house in order. Are you standing on a sure foundation?

This was the cornerstone of the message visiting minister Prophetess Franceine Anson delivered to the congregation at Soaring Eagles Apostolic Prophetic Ministry, Roebuck Street, The City, last Tuesday, during the second night of a three-day crusade.

The Antiguan minister of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies urged those present to build their spiritual foundation on righteousness, holiness, truth and on Jesus Christ.

She exhorted her listeners to clean up their lives, forgive those whom they needed to forgive and get on with the business of serving God.

Anson said God wanted to bring the Church in Barbados to a place of transformation and to bring individuals into their season but “there are some foundational issues which must be dealt with before God moves”.

“Maybe you need to go and forgive someone or perhaps you need to repent. If you are talking about the pastor behind his back, check your foundation.

“Some of you need to make some things right because God is a God of order.

“When the worship leader turns up for church late, let him or her sit in the back because they are out of order. We must have order in the House of God.

“When people come into the House of God and cannot respect protocol, let them sit down.”

Anson also said God was not looking for people with titles but for those who “will grab hold of the One who can build a sure foundation”.

She said ministries that have been around for a long time and those which were up and coming also needed to carry out checks on their foundations.

 “Ministries built on pride and arrogance will not stand. If the foundation is not secured whatever comes against you will shift you. However, if your foundation is built on Jesus Christ, whatever shakes you will be unable to move you.”

The minister warned the congregation about being impressed “by all the glitter” within the Church and advised her listeners to check for humility, love and the other fruits of the Spirit which should be manifested in every true believer.

“God is going to check every foundation,” she reiterated, “no matter how long you’ve been in ministry or in the church.

“We have a lot of leg, vocal, voice and talk exercise in the Church but we need to see more of the move of the Holy Ghost.

“God is waiting on you to get your house in order,” she informed.

Anson urged her listeners to submit to the fire of God and allow God to revive and qualify them for ministry.

“If you will open up and allow God to circumcise you, He will revive you and put His stamp of approval on you.

“You will go through some fire but you will not be burned. The people who will do exploits for God are those who will walk in order and build on a sure foundation.”

Without any fanfare, she called on individuals to gather at the altar and  to pray about what they needed to set right in their lives.

Many responded to the invitation.

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