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Why waste taxpayers’ money?


Why waste taxpayers’ money?

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“Stuart pointed out that for all practical purposes, Barbados was already a republic.”

“A Republican form of government stipulates that those run the people’s affairs should be chosen directly or indirectly by the people themselves. We already do that. Under republicanism, the persons who administer your affairs can serve during your pleasure. In other words, they should only be able to stay as long as you want them to stay.”

“The third requirement Barbados has to satisfy is that there are people in the administrative structure of the Government, and in this case we are talking about the members of the judiciary, . . . continue to discharge the functions of their office as long as nobody can point a finger at them and accuse them of misconduct, and that misconduct turns out to be true. So once you are appointed or elected directly or indirectly, the people have the right to recall you.” – Monday, March 23, Daily Nation on Page 4.


Dear Mr Prime Minister, please tell me where you will get the money needed to change around everything from the monarchical system to that of the republican one?

The Minister of Finance is always complaining about “low cash flow” when it comes to satisfying the needs of the poor, the needy and the vulnerable, and the institutions on which they depend.

You come to us now with something which is nothing but another red herring to try to get out of the predicament you are in at present.

You state that there are three reasons why Barbados is “for all purposes already a republic”.

Also, if Barbados is already practically a republic, why waste the taxpayers’ money for changing over to one?

The Minister of Finance says that there is still a “low cash flow”, and this will probably continue until the third quarter of next year.

Whence will the money come to change over to the republic system, knowing that it will all cost money?

That money would be better being pumped into the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

We may need a republic, but not under such circumstances where it seems that you are only doing it for your own self-aggrandisement!