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NCC, MTW tackle seaweed


NCC, MTW tackle seaweed

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RIVER BAY is looking a lot better after days of clean-up efforts by the National Conservation Commission (NCC) and the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW).

From Saturday, truckloads of sargassum seaweed have been carted from the area in the northern parish of St Lucy to the landfill, an effort which is part of a major effort to clear the coastline of Barbados of the unwelcome intruder.

Workmen said the seaweed was so thick the bay was clogged, and seawater could not flow in, but they managed to clear the blockage on Sunday. They said they would continue to haul seaweed away until it was gone before moving on to the next location.

A D6 caterpillar and an excavator from the MTW were heaping and scooping the seaweed while NCC and MTW trucks took it away.

However, while there was less seaweed at River Bay, the stench was still high as every scoop of seaweed lifted onto the truck was accompanied by the very unpleasant smell of rot. (CA)

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