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FAMILY FUSION: The designer’s dynamic design


FAMILY FUSION: The designer’s dynamic design

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“Every single person is sacred. Sacred means special, precious, a treasure of true beauty. That means you.” – Amy Leigh Mercree

I AM FASCINATED by sunsets and sunrises. Each of them is uniquely different.

There are times I go to the beach just to catch what I often refer to as God’s excellent delight for art and beauty.  

When I sit or stand captivated by a sunrise or a sunset, I think of the words of a very powerful, well respected political leader from the Middle East, King David who said in verse 14 of the Book of Psalms Chapter 139 of the Holy Scriptures: “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made . . .”

I suspect you are aware that a healthy male can release millions of sperm at any one time when he ejaculates. Did I say millions? Yes, millions. That is enough to populate major continents in the world. In fact, it is said that any number less than 60 million is considered a small number.

Can you imagine, God chose only one from among the millions of sperm to pierce your mother’s egg cell so that you could come into existence. All the other cells died. Stop and think on that fact for a while. You are special. Very special. The creator of this massive universe took delight in you.  

Congratulations! God has specially chosen you. He, in His love, believes that you can make a valuable contribution to your family, friends and even your foes. Wow! What an honour.

For the next few weeks my attention will be focused on exploring how you are the Designer’s (God) dynamic design. I shall be using a unique text found in Psalms 139: 14-18. Today I will focus on verse 14, which says: “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.”

There are numerous theories that project how humankind came into being. They range from organic to inorganic and of course the famous or infamous Big Bang theory. Everybody is at liberty to choose which one he/she believes.

I will stick with creation as outlined in the Bible, because it gives me a clear picture of how the first family was designed. The Bible also informs me how the human race became messed up by the world’s first parents who violated divine laws; why every area of mankind’s personality (mind, emotions, body, and spirit) continues to have major ailments and why the human family will continue to die.

Furthermore, the Holy Scriptures inform me of God’s care in making provision for humanity to experience His love and to enjoy life here on earth, despite the obvious perennial challenges with which we are all faced. God the designer gave to all peoples a well-documented road map to understand the kind of affection he has for us. It is from that backdrop that this unique reference (Psalm 139:14-18) is so significant. King David, the writer of that text, gave a picture of God’s great love and interest in each of us while we are in the womb.

Gynaecologists continue to marvel at the miracle of the development of a child in the womb; brain specialists have no words to describe the marvels of the mental computer; dermatologists find that language breaks down when trying to explain the largest organ of the body, the skin and the fascinations of its operations. Heart specialists are bowled over when they observe that central pump in the chest cavity that sends and receives volumes of blood throughout the whole body and keeps accurate timing for scores of years if no defects are present. Neurologists continue to be in awe of the abundance of nerves and the order with which they serve every square inch of the body; the eye specialists are amazed by the coordination of all those very small but powerful linkages that make the eye to see and manoeuver; and the list can go on and on.

When David realised how wonderfully he was designed, he shouted with excitement: “I will praise you (O Lord) for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

The word “fearfully” means “to be astonished as well as to stand in awe”. The word “wonderful” comes from a Hebrew word that means distinguished. The expression “marvellous” carries the meaning of “too difficult to understand” and “extraordinary”.  

This political leader, King David, in taking time out to look at his present life was overwhelmed and at the same time humbled by the detailed way that God harmoniously blended him together. He was dumbstruck and bowled over by the Designer’s interest in making him so special.  

For King David, who had reached the highest level in his career where he was now leading the most powerful nation in the then known world, he acknowledged that there was nobody else in the world that fitted his profile. For him, the high office he now held could not be taken lightly.  He must now see it through the eyes of The Designer.   

You too should see yourself as someone who is here with a purpose attached to your life. You are not like one of the animals that live by instincts and are devoid of the kind of intelligence with which you are endowed. You are not a mistake nor an accident. You are extraordinary in the Designer’s eyes.

If the creator of the universe has selected you to fulfil a particular mission on earth, don’t you think you should give Him full scope to help you accomplish such an assignment through your life? Wisdom should dictate such an action. After all, God knows your past, present and future. Make a positive choice today. You are truly the Designer’s Dynamic Design.

• Haynesley Griffith is a marriage and family life consultant. Email: [email protected]