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It’s about time we go republic


It’s about time we go republic

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The move by the Government of Barbados to change from a monarchical system to a republican one is extremely commendable. The change  is long overdue and serves to liberate the minds of Barbadians from the colonial vestige.

It is mind-boggling to comprehend the rationalization of retaining a monarchical system of government after Independence.

Why waste valuable time and revenue in a referendum to solicit the support for the changeover?

Those calling for a referendum have an agenda or lack self-identity. In addition, it demonstrates a deep weakness in the educational system.

One of the legacies of colonialism is an educational system that fails to address the needs of Barbados. It is also failing a large majority of children.

When Barbados gained Independence, the Government of the day should have removed every vestige of colonialism.

Let us stop the political partisanship and expeditiously correct the error of retaining the monarch as head of state.

Barbadians can only maintain pride and industry and self-confidence when we embrace a system of Government which reflects self-identity and liberation from the colonial masters.