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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Just not measuring up


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Just not measuring up

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THE TALK AROUND THE TOWN is about a political operative who is also a career officer now positioning  for a top job.

Unfortunately, this loudmouth has highlighted that old adage that you can give a man a job but you cannot do the work for him.  

This character, who has a long- standing professional connection with the immediate political boss, was surprisingly given a big promotion some time ago to the astonishment of many.

It was described as pushing the character also called “mop head”  beyond the level of competence. But after years of defending the legacy of Errol the First and giving loyal support to not one but two rich Dicks, it was felt that just reward was due. But things have turned out to be nothing more than disastrous.

This bigwig was unable to resolve the problems as they cropped up whether on the long hauls from Speightstown to the Pine, indeed   not even in handling the short courses from Belleville to Welches.

And the efforts to throw a curb ball  at a senior comrade as a New year’s gift  did not work as the batter did not turn up and the ball came flying right back to the bowler.

Now that the batter has thrown away the bat and is playing a completely different game, the bowler has been found wanting. Reports are that they have their eyes on a monarch, unassuming and bright, overlooked previously, but a David one who could slay a Goliath.

Call the police

The Auditor General in his latest report highlighted many instances of  illegality. In some instances the matters have been referred to prosecutors.

But a number of people familiar with one case are asking why the police have not been called in to investigate the incidents. They say it is more than coincidence that an averaged paid high flyer could talk all day about his time on the greens and the spanking lifestyle he lived which allowed his spouse to frequent the posh spas.

This man was known for buying the wrong things while in his  political  appointment.

Now he’s gone and former colleagues are wondering whether anything will ever come of the matter other than another follow-up note again from the Auditor General next year.

But  then again there’s a lot in  a name with its Scottish roots.

Doing the dog

Two brownlings, one male and the other female, from a country north of Barbados are doing dixie about here in this land which affords them the lifestyle as if they were in Norbrook or Cherry Gardens. To show their gratitude, these two guests have been treating Bajans with total disdain.

One who is in a position to employ people in big and small jobs has been doing their utmost best not to have any Barbadians working in his complex where employees get all sorts of sweet benefits.

The talk is the back-hand slap given to his hosts in preference to another island known for its high level of corruption. All fingers are pointing at this former prep school student who leaked a document on plans about soaring to new heights.

This sweet life big shot is now being called The Leak by his friends from Nelson’s Dockyard to Mesopolamia to castle Bruce to Morgan lewis.

The silent man aint saying nutten.

Then the other house guest, who fires people who talk back or stand up for their rights, has now carried her brash behaviour one step further. With a big get-together planned for the original homeland, this temporary resident of the land of the flying fish has sought to invite the woman in white to be her special guest.