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Rise in crime a rise in ignorance

Joel Manning

Rise in crime a  rise in ignorance

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It is true, you can see the humour in almost anything and upon seeing an image of someone who placed a padlock on their slippers, I could only laugh, but with the current situation in Barbados I can’t fault that person for securing every bit of their property. 

The value of earning what you have is clearly no longer a feature of Barbadian society today and given this, is why both locals and tourists can no longer walk with freedom, open their doors to a neighbour or sleep in peace. 

Brighter minds among us offer many reasons for a rise in crime in any society. One is an increase in unemployment but I believe that such a reason is more of an excuse covering a rise in ignorance within the society.

I say ignorance because at no time does the perpetrator stop to consider and understand the long-term impact of their actions given that it not only affects the individual to whom the crime was inflicted but society on a whole. 

The pursuit of personal gain at the expense of the progression of a nation can only spell trouble for the future. I can only hope that those acting senselessly would read and see the overall damage caused. 

– Joel Manning