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Licence plate makers told to ask for documentation


Licence plate makers told to ask for documentation

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VEHICLE LICENCE PLATE manufacturers have been told to ask for a Barbados identification card, valid driver’s license, road tax receipt and a certificate of insurance before making licence plates.

This after they met with Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley at the MTW Pavilion, The Pine, St Michael today to discuss the issues of motorists using fictitious licence plates. They also met to select the manufacturers who will sit on an interim committee to discuss protocols to govern their operation.

The meeting was attended by at least 30 manufacturers as well as representatives from the Barbados Licensing Authority, MTW and the Royal Barbados Police Force.

Lashley said: “There are persons out there that are not complying, that once you turn up with a vehicle and tell them I want a licence plate that it is manufactured and placed on the vehicle and then you are up and down Barbados and it creates a security problem, particularly in terms of detection of crime”. (LK)