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Record ride for Sir Charles

JUSTIN MARVILLE, [email protected]

Record ride for Sir Charles

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AGE WAS JUST a number for Sir Charles Williams yesterday – a number that’s now in the record books.

One of Barbados’ most prominent figures now features prominently in sporting history, as Sir Charles rode into the Guinness World Records after officially becoming the world’s oldest active polo player.

With American adjudicator Alex Angert on hand to witness the momentous occasion, the ever green 82-year-old Williams replaced Harold Smith in the record books by playing all four chukkas of the Elliot Williams Trophy match at Apes Hill.

Sir Charles receiving the world record certificate from adjudicator Alex Angert.sir-charles-polo-2

And it wasn’t just a token appearance either, with the spritely business magnate actually opening the scoring of a contest that saw his team hold on to win 2-1.

Better yet, his family was there to take part in the historic event, as sons Teddy and Stephen, along with grandson Oliver, got to play next to Sir Charles while making up the victorious Apes Hill White side. (JM)