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BFA Facebook page hacked


BFA Facebook page hacked

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THE BARBADOS Football Association’s (BFA) Facebook page has been hacked.

Around 4 p.m. today, the cover photo of the page was changed and a message added.

This Page Has Been Hacked By Shin0bi H4x0r  Greets: 1337 | J0keroo | MorrocanWolf | AnonGhost | TheHackersArmy | MaDLeeTs | Indian Hackers Online Squad | Pakistan Haxors Crew | Pakistan Cyber Army | Z0mBiE_KsA | Z0mbi3_Ma | Dr.Freak,” it said.

A comment, posted in Portuguese also appeared on the page under the name Jogadores & Lendas.

The English translation is: “Please help my page to grow. The goal of the page is to reach out to 200 thousand likes, I know that it is difficult but we are fighting to achieve. Thank you to everyone who likes.”

BFA president Randy Harris laughed and took it in stride when contacted by The NATION.

“We are trying to get it straightened out,” he said. It happened this afternoon.”

The official Facebook page of the BFA has 1 461 likes. (SAT)