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Smoking laws could be amended


Smoking laws could be amended

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A LITTLE MORE consideration will be given to the legislation that bans smoking in public places.

Minister of Health John Boyce said the law which was enacted about two years ago needed to be tweaked.

He was speaking at the Caribbean NCD Private Sector Forum at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel today.

While noting that tobacco and alcohol use were contributors to the development of non-communicable diseases, Boyce said, “I do believe that that no smoking ban may have to be relooked and probably tweaked a bit to extend it beyond just outside of a door.  I certainly am affected when a person uses the law and step outside and have a cigarette while I am sitting inside there is still the vents that allow that tobacco to infiltrate the public space”.

He also emphasised the need to look closely at the food being manufactured and imported.

“We say alcohol and we say tobacco, but we need also to reach deep into the composition of a number of products that come to our shores”. (LK)