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Man walks out of court after being remanded


Man walks out of court after being remanded

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POLICE ARE SEARCHING for a young man who walked out of court earlier this afternoon after being remanded to HMP Dodds.

Chad Rommell Martin Williams, 24, of Beckwith Street, The City calmly walked out of District A Criminal Court 2 moments after he was remanded for 28 days.

He had pleading not guilty to obstruction of a police officer and resisting a police officer. The decision was handed down, Williams left the dock and sat on the bench. He was not handcuffed.

As officers of the court were busy going about their duties, Williams got up without drawing attention to himself and walked out of the court.

At first, no one noticed he was missing. A constable subsequently went in search of Williams, but he remains wanted by Police. (Coastline Communication)