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VETERAN trade unionist Sir Roy Trotman has suggested external interests, such as the private sector, might have had some influence on the current impasse between the labour movement and Government.

“We have in this country a private sector that has now presented itself as being the supporter and the guardian of a position of a trade union movement when in fact that same private sector has told the Government of Barbados: ‘We don’t want to talk about trade union rights, we want to talk only about trade union rights when they serve our purpose’,” he informed the Senate yesterday.

It was debating a resolution to reaffirm July 26 as a Day of National Significance.

“‘So when you bring Social Partnerships before us, and when you bring the Protocol before us that is being quoted in this dispute, we don’t want to hear about that, we only want to hear about a piece of legislation’.”

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.