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ALTAR CALL: Women’s group told, faith is vital to prayer

CHERYL HAREWOOD, [email protected]

ALTAR CALL: Women’s group told, faith is vital to prayer

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WHEN WE PRAY we must believe, trust God, have unwavering faith in Him and forgive anyone who has done us wrong.

These key tenets to receiving answers to our prayers were shared by Rosita Heletsi during the Christian Women’s Club monthly meeting, held at a private location at Coverley, Christ Church.

Drawing reference to several portions of scriptures, including Ephesians 3:12, John 14: 8-15, Mark 11: 20-26 and James 1: 5-8, Heletsi told fellow club members: “If we ask anything according to God’s will and He does it, what we asked for would have brought glory to Him.”

According to Heletsi: “We have to be sure what we ask for will bring glory to God. We also have to ask believing and we have to obey His commandments.

John 14: 8-15 teaches us the importance of faith and its relationship to prayer. If we do not believe God for what we ask for, then why should we ask?” Heletsi told the small group of women who gather each month to encourage each other and pray for friends and family, as well as the sick and those in need.

She further shared during her words of encouragement, that what was also important to prayer, was the ability and importance of waiting on God “who will answer the best way”.

“It is important that we have patience. We cannot hurry God,” Heletsi stated. “While we are waiting for Him to answer our prayers He will renew our strength.

“In addition, we must have the right motive. If we ask amiss or with the wrong motive we will not receive what we ask for. What we request from God must align with His will; therefore we must ask that His will be done.”

She said believing God to answer prayers also meant “believing you have already received what you have asked for”.

“Faith accepts it to be as good as done,” Heletsi said.

She noted that forgiving others was also a vital component to answered prayer, as well as depending on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and the Scriptures upon which we can stand as both the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures would lead to “right praying”.

Club members shared their personal experiences to answered prayers, while taking time to thank God for His faithfulness and for answering previous prayer requests.

Each member also spent time praying on behalf of others, before sharing refreshments and a time of “social fellowship”.

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