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DEAR CHRISTINE: Keep up the good work, teachers

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Keep up the good work, teachers

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Dear Christine,

I WOULD LIKE to give a special “thank you” to all of the teachers, tutors and helpers leading up to the Common Entrance Exam for 2015.

Mrs Best of Charles F. Broome made sure to challenge her class to excel through excellence, which was the 2015 motto, and never gave up on the class. Her stellar record over the years of service must be highly appreciated. Indeed, my child always said “Mrs Best is the best teacher in the best school” from the beginning of Class 3.

Special mention must be given to Miss Stewart, who puts her all each year into preparing her lessons students for the exam regardless of their challenges. She is very passionate about her work and does nothing by half measures.

Miss Stewart does her best to bring each child’s potential to the fore. Over the years, she went above and beyond her duty with my child.

Thank you Mrs Best and Miss Stewart for helping my child achieve the goal of going to the best school for her. And thank you again to all the teachers of the class of 2015.

Thanks also to you, Christine. Keep up the good work of encouraging Barbados.

– J.D.

Dear J.D.,

It was thoughtful of you to pen such a letter. I’m sure these teachers love what they do and thank you for your public show of appreciation.

    Regarding your greeting to me, I’ll simply say “thank you and God bless”.

– Christine