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Gabby’s farewell to Husbands

Mighty Gabby

Gabby’s farewell to Husbands

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I HAVE lost my dear beloved brother Tyrone, who has been in my life since 1967.

We worked for Captain Carlo Manduoy on the Eione and Buccaneer yachts, singing for hours without microphones or any other electrical equipment. We were the singers, the lifeguards as well as the drink and food servers.

In addition, we were also the crew on those never to be forgotten cruises, which sailed down the West Coast of Barbados, from the Hilton and Paradise Beach hotels to Sandy Lane and Colony Club in St James. We wrote songs together and additionally sang in the hotels seven nights a week. We also performed during the day every Sunday at the Ocean View hotel.

To those of you who do not know Tyrone Husbands (Mighty Provider), he was a great musician, who played guitar, steel pan, keyboards and any percussive instrument. He was also the founding member and leader of the band, Tyrone And The Clouds.


Creator and owner


In addition, he and his wife Iola were the creators and owners of the Cockspur Steel Band. These fine entrepreneurs also owned The Terrace Reception Centre in The Whim, St Peter, where Tyrone was regularly the DJ.

He performed on the hotel circuit from 1967 to 2014 (47 years). He is an irreplaceable loss to the entertainment fraternity, the tourist industry and to Barbados.

In our personal lives, we dated two St Peter sisters, who bore us a lovely daughter each, Julia and Claire.

To Iola, Mags, Claire and Seth, I send my deepest sympathy. I will never be able to repay Tyrone for his love, kindness, advice and musical expertise. May he rest in eternal peace.

Mighty Gabby

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