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DEAR CHRISTINE: Family pressure not to marry my love

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Family pressure not to marry my love

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Dear Christine,

I am a 24-year-old man who is having a serious problem with my relatives. Suffice to say, I am neither of African descent nor am I Caucasian.

My relatives do not approve of the girl I have chosen to be my wife because of her colour and cultural background.

I am feeling very sad because I cannot take the pressure being placed on me and I am being tempted to give up this girl; even though I really do not want to. What can I do?

– A.P.

Dear A.P.,

If you do not have the strength of mind now to stick with this girl and to stand up to your relatives, you’ll not be able to do so if you manage to persevere to marriage.

Make up your mind whether you love the girl or not. If you truly love her and she loves you too, go ahead with your plans for the future and keep your relatives at a sufficient distance to make your marriage work.

If things should go wrong in your marriage, be man and woman enough to solve your difficulties without the help of people who are definitely prejudiced.