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Advice for Mia


Advice for Mia

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IT IS NOT in my psychological make-up to repeat myself. However, as a regular caller on the call-in programmes, I said last Friday pertaining to the Maria Agard affair that the Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley was being stabbed in the back, and that we have a gender problem with our politicians.

Mia Mottley is known to some of us as the best young political brain in this country. Agard, who is a first-timer with very little experience as a sitting member, may not be aware that she is being used as a pawn by certain individuals from the senior ranks of the party to try to undermine Mottley.

Mottley, watch your step, the dark shadows are executing their dirty tricks. It’s my perception that they are going all out to destabilise the Barbados Labour Party by removing the chairman and political leader.

If I had to advise the Opposition Leader, as a layman I’ll remind her of a former Barbados Labour Party Cabinet minister who was also summoned to the National Council, and was forgiven. I’ll say to her: No one can say he doesn’t need forgiveness for his sin. For all must come to Christ by faith to have new life within.

It’s best at this stage for her to be accused of being a soft leader, than to be accused of being a dictator. Christ’s forgiveness is the door to a new beginning.