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MAVIS BECKLES: Many reasons to love Christmas


MAVIS BECKLES: Many reasons to love Christmas

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PEOPLE LOOK FORWARD tuh Christmas fuh different reasons. Fuh some people, it is the bonus dat get promise tuh dem at the end o’ the year if they perform well and bring in real nuff money fuh the company.

Some use it tuh spend a li’l time home wid duh families, especially if they have a young family wid both mother and father working and doan have the time nor energy tuh enjoy the children after a long hard day’s work.

Some people love tuh see Christmas come around so duh could use the time tuh eat up the lot o’ food and drink all the alcoholic drinks duh could find, like it going outta style.

Some o’ duh doan even know when Christmas Day pass and gone ‘long bout um business, duh brains does be too numb. Duh doan know where they are nor who they are.

Duh got another set o’ people who does be looking forward tuh this time of year so dat they could get wid duh friends and walk up and down all bout Town cackling and laughing wid duh cellphones in duh hands. These is the ones who does be going from store tuh store touching up and trying on the people clothes; knowing full well duh ain’t got one blind cent tuh buy nutten.

Some like the many sales on furniture and household items. Now they know very well dat the fridge duh looking at cahn get nuhwhere through any o’ the doors in dem house. The other thing is, duh cahn afford it and apart from all dat, duh got enough furniture in the house a’ready and it cahn hold in nuh more. But duh still gine all bout Town and in every mall, looking.

Some does think dat because it is Christmas, somebody should be giving dem gifts. But get this straight, dem ain’t giving a soul none, but duh expect tuh get

Some people love the season wid its cool breezy days and nights. Nuh more sweating bullets and hollering fuh murder that the sun real hot.

Some people love the Christmas season because duh does butt up pon old friends who duh ain’t see nor hear from in years. Some love the lights all ovah the place, some love having a beautifully decorated live Christmas tree and the smell of it.

Some look forward tuh the carols and the kind of feeling they give you, especially the old ones. Some look forward tuh going tuh church at five thirty on a chilly Christmas morning and then coming back home and eating a mob-o-ton o’ breakfast.

Some people still look forward tuh the old tradition of going in the Park Christmas morning dressed in their finery like the ladies and gentlemen of the day; and listening tuh the Police Band and other artistes while parading all ovah the place.

Some, like me, just simply love Christmas. The problem is dat it goes along too fast nowadays. It seems so short. By the time ya settle down and start tuh enjoy the season, it is time tuh head right back out tuh work and start another year all ovah again.

Whatevah category you fit intuh, it doesn’t matter. All I’m praying for you is dat you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas season. Merry Christmas, everyone!

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.