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Full marks for QEH staff


Full marks for QEH staff

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I REFER to a recent article written by Andrea Griffith, published in the Weekend Nation on Friday December 18. I wish to publicly concur with Ms Griffith’s comments in regard to her wonderful experience at QEH because I had a similar experience when I was recently hospitalised from December 9 to 12 and again from December 14 to 17.

Both ladies I encountered in the accounts department and in general admissions were very helpful. There was a slight error on my admissions form which I had to have corrected, and the lady in general admissions assured me that I would not have to rejoin the line. She had indicated that she would not forget my face and would process my admission immediately.

The nurses on Ward A5 were very professional and friendly and exhibited all of the qualities of well trained professionals in the health care industry.

I wish to thank the following nurses who displayed all of the aforementioned characteristics: Anastacia Odle, Barbara Dottin, Margaret Wilson, Maxine Phillips, Resa Medford, Rose Jean-Baptiste, Roxanne Busby (sister), Sade Johnson, Sandra West, Sophia Bostic, Nurse Wharton and any other nurses’ names that I may have missed. I also want to single out the ancillary staff comprising of Natasha Bootman, Ryan Maloney (orderly) and the nice ladies that brought my daily meals. All of them on their various shifts were stellar.

Unfortunately, I was readmitted to QEH on December 14 due to a minor setback in my recovery and the same team of nurses and Dr Hugh Thomas responded immediately to my needs. The person on A&E quickly completed the paperwork for readmission to Ward A5. Overnight, the required blood tests and X-rays were conducted and general surgeon Dr Waldron was made available. The entire process was very professional and impressive. At all times during this emergency, I was made to feel that all efforts were being made to ensure that I received the best patient care by all persons involved in the process.

I was very heartened by the patient care and attention during my two recent experiences at QEH. I wish to thank Dr Hugh Thomas, Dr Waldron and their support team for their stellar service. I had the option to choose alternative health care facilities but I am pleased that QEH was the choice that I made. I fully concur with Ms Griffith’s sentiments expressed in her letter to the Editor.