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Allison ready to rejoice and sing


Allison ready to rejoice and sing

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Sometimes at the beginning of a year you make plans resolving to do more of this and less of that. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. Gospel artiste Allison Norville-Forde knows this well.

She spoke to EASY magazine on what transpired in 2015 and what she is looking forward to this year.

Her motto for 2016 is “The best is yet to come”.

“2015 for me was an awakening of sorts because I had been on hiatus for so long that I got to see God open up doors for me that I thought were being shut, and I actually fearfully thought they were shut permanently but I should have known better and that God never takes away His promises and if a door closes, God certainly will open a window.

“I was able to start recording again after doing so many different projects, backing up artistes, it was really good and refreshing to start back on my own again with Love Done Right being launched in January. That literally and figuratively brought tears to my eyes because here I was once again back out on my own. It was really scary too. People think that because you’re known as a seasoned artiste that you don’t have fears or insecurities but you really and truly do, but there’s God all the time just propping you up.

“Then you have people who are there too to support you, people, some who are pleasant surprises because there are some people in your life who are there for a season and then there are others who are just there holding you up and then there are others you thought would’ve been there, but who pleasantly went their own way.

“Further down in the year, I was able to continue encouraging artistes. Some are well known, some are up and coming and it is a really great pleasure to sow seeds to the life and bless them with my talent, free of cost to make sure they wouldn’t have all those bumps that I had when I was coming out as an artiste a few years ago when I was 18, (laughs).

“I also released a single called How Can It Be. It is a cover by a young lady named Lauren Daigel out of the United States and it’s getting some really good responses . . . . I want to thank Dean Reynolds, who’s working with me out of the US.

“The best is yet to come. I’m back writing songs again. I feel motivated. I have about five songs written already, I feel motivated to encourage others. I’m really excited about 2016 because this year was a year that was just tough! It was a wake up call but through it all I was able to see that God’s hand was on my life and His promises were kept and even when I wavered in my faith at times during certain circumstances, God was still there just fully focused, helping me get through it. I’m really grateful for that!”

She said that 2016 looks “really, really exciting” and “really, really good” and she was “looking forward to it”. She thanked all her supporters and the team at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation who work with the programme Rejoice And Sing.