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Long wait at Customs a turn-off


Long wait at Customs a turn-off

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MY WIFE and I recently arrived at Grantley Adams Airport after a 15-hour journey and were relieved that the queue through Immigration, although long, was processed quite smoothly.

However, our pleasure was short-lived as after picking up our luggage we were horrified to be confronted by a line of at least 200 people, also laden with cases, waiting to hand to a single Customs official a copy of the immigration form.

Since we had previously queued and handed to Immigration the top copy of the same form, what is the point of this exercise? As far as I could see, Customs was not actually looking into anyone’s luggage, which in any case had already been examined and X-rayed at the point of departure.

It took a long time for the single officer to deal with each person’s forms – a long wait for passengers who were already hot and tired and anxious to meet prearranged pick-ups or find a taxi.

For first-time visitors this was not a good welcome and did not give a good impression.

My wife and I have been coming to beautiful Barbados for many years and love the island, and this letter is written in the spirit of constructive criticism.