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Revisit regulations for solar energy sector


Revisit regulations for solar energy sector

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“The law has a reputation for being rigid, stubborn and stupidly inflexible, like a donkey.” – Adrian Green, communication specialist.


MR GREEN in Get Real (Sunday Sun, January 10, 2016) expounded on aspects of law as depicted in George Chapman’s play Revenge For Honour and Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist.

These centuries-old productions give credence to the notion of what some people really think about law.

Every aspect of human endeavour requires some regulation, but Barbadians continue to be bombarded by a plethora of restrictive and disenabling rules and regulations in business ventures as well as in their private everyday lives – echoes of “from cradle to the grave”.

No sooner than the ink from Mr Green’s pen had dried, Mr Bizzy Williams was saying “what solar energy suppliers were being paid by BL&P [Barbados Light & Power] was now less than what they had to pay to repurchase electricity from the company” (Daily Nation, January 11).

Hopefully, there will be an examination to determine whether or not any rigidity, stubbornness or inflexibility exists within the solar energy industry.

Surely laws, rules and regulations are administered and applied fairly and equitably across our landscape, as the wheels of justice continue to turn.

Michael Ray

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