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Heart-stopping experience

Lisa King

Heart-stopping experience

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THE NEWS of two women dying in childbirth recently at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) opened old wounds for Theresa Stuart.

In August 2012, her heart stopped and doctors had to resuscitate both her and her newborn daughter at the state-run health facility.

“Now with this whole investigation with these two women who died at the QEH recently in childbirth it got me thinking about it again. Somebody needs to know. You hear people on the wayside talking about how people are treated, but I think to hear the story from someone who has actually been through it will give it more meaning,” she said.

Stuart, 36, then a first-time mother said she went to the labour ward about 1 p.m. and two hours later a health sister came in asking if no one was going to help her. By then she was six centimetres dilated.

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