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What’s next before we feel God’s judgement?


What’s next before we feel God’s judgement?

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I HAVE no problem with what the Nation newspaper captured as a headline of the Saturday Sun of February 6, relative to two women who “purportedly” walked up some aisle in Philadelphia. They wrote – Same Sex Bliss. I believe and other clear-thinking individuals would have preferred the headline – Same Sex Satanic Bliss.

So many people would turn in their graves. Errol Barrow would, Sir Grantley Adams would, David Thompson would, and the list would be exhaustive. So many of our departed would prefer to remain, under the mould, I believe, instead of waking up and seeing what has become of Barbados and the world.

Can you imagine the female of any species attempting to “mount” each other? Animals, I believe, would talk then. You most likely could hear the lioness say to the other lioness. What is wrong with you? What are you trying to do? So many lions are ready, willing and eager to do what God had intended to be natural. You probably drank some rum or smoked some marijuana or something worse. Yet two females of “homo sapiens” are attempting to do the unthinkable! What would they achieve?

The caption continued, recently “married” Bajan-Yankee wants Barbados to get on board. To get on board with what? Their demonic nastiness! I could see now how a case is built up to accuse right thinking Barbadians and others, of being “homophobic”. But we are not homophobic. We are reasonable realists!

Sexual immorality is particularly abhorrent to Almighty God. More than any other sinful act, it desecrates the body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit! As pleased as punch? Who? Satan? I believe that I would hear him saying: “Can you imagine I have succeeded in getting two women to defy Almighty God and look at each other in the face and say I love you with an unusual erotic love.” What’s next before Hebrews 9:27 kicks into action!

Let me remind you again of what Hebrews 9:27 says, which is “And as it is appointed unto men (human beings) once to die, but after this the judgement.”

A word to the wise!

– Bishop Vibert Dac. Lowe