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TALKBACK: Full support for Burnett to stay put

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Full support for Burnett to stay put

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AT A TIME when windows to the sea are disappearing, one woman has earned support for her refusal to sell beachfront property to developers.

Leotta Burnett has lived in Road View, St Peter, for 60 years, and while her neighbours have either sold or moved out, Ms Burnett said she was living “honest” in her home, was not squatting or paying rent.

Online readers came out in full support, stating money can’t buy happiness.

Karenalisa: Ms Burnett, I am happy for you. Glad you stood your ground, especially [since] it’s where you have lived all these years. It has your memories, your years of hard work, and if they know the value of it, so do you . . . . Keep enjoying. Some things are more valuable than money. I hope you live to see 100.

Mr Byam: Good for you, Ms Burnett. Don’t sell out your patrimony for a few pieces of silver.

Alvin Holder: Way to go. No retreat, no surrender. I agree with her. Money can’t buy happiness. Keep it for your descendants. Our forefathers sweated and gave away everything that was valuable, and now some of us have to work harder to survive and reclaim the valuables that were given away. Your descendants are worth millions.

Kammie Holder: At least someone knows money cannot buy everything.

Nia: Good for you, young lady. I have seen your house; it is beautiful and stands out among all those soul-less, modern high-rise condos. Makes me both happy and sad to see it. Please make sure your “papers” are in order so that when you are no longer in this earthly realm, whoever takes over your estate will not sell it to the highest bidder.

Sodi: She is fortunate the developers couldn’t use the eminent domain “for the greater good” argument, that some of them outside of Barbados have used to get their way. I’m thrilled that she’s in her original home, and she can live out her days in peace and on her terms. Excellent!

K. Alleyne: Seems we can’t blame the Government for selling off west coast land. Lots of the land that was sold was owned by private citizens. As she goes ‘home’, if she has kids, her children would sell it.

Erasmus Black: Oh my! Ms Burnett should ask her Government representative to file a bill in the People’s Parliament to place this “window to the sea” in trust for the next 100 years. A covenant should also be considered to maintain the openness of this front. She has to be given a damehood for her strong stance on maintaining the original beauty of her land.

Coleen Alkins: It’s her home, let her be. These developers need to leave the old folks alone. Money is not the be all and end all. Her home is her comfort zone for over 60 years. It’s her right not to go if she so wishes.

Josanne ‘Thicky’ Thomas: I would hate if one of her family members come and sold it after she is gone.

Sandra Nicholls: Do not move; show them who is boss.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.