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Parents urged to support teachers

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Parents urged to support teachers

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SO AS TO NOT raise a generation of criminals, parents have been urged to lend their support and show more respect towards the island’s school teachers.

That warning message came from Minister of Sports Youth and Culture Stephen Lashley as he delivered remarks during a visit to observe a remedial homework programme at the Vauxhall Primary School, Vauxhall, Christ Church today.

“There are rules and regulations within our schools and if the parents don’t reinforce those rules, then it means you will be developing potential law breakers and when they come home they will also not listen to the rules and regulations that you put,” he said.

The 50 children present were pulled from Infants B to Class 4 and came from the two other Primary Schools within the constituency, Milton Lynch Boys School and Christ Church Girls School.

Lashley encouraged parents to spend time working with their children as the schools were unable to do everything.

He also urged the children to remain morally grounded despite the influences of the wider world. (MR)