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Funny side to Holder’s season


Funny side to Holder’s season

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UNDER THE COOL CANOPY of trees at Holders House, patrons enjoyed another night of the 2016 Holders Season, filling the air with laughter and applause.

On Tuesday, Comedy Night featured the dexterous Dan The Hat and the musical comedic styling of Steve Ross and Jesse Robinson who brought on plenty of belly laughs and cheers during their respective sets.

Gracing the stage first was Dan The Hat, who with nimble hands performed a slew of tricks from balancing spinning balls, to juggling tennis racquets and like his namesake, hats.

On the musical theatre side of the night, Ross’ stories painted many an amusing scenario for the audience, one of which involved a couple with an ever-present third wheel in the form of the girlfriend’s mother.

Continuing in the vein of musical comedy, Jess Robinson wowed patrons with her impressive impersonations of famous female musicians such as Tina Turner, Edith Piaf, Gwen Stefani and many, many more, to which she added her unique energy and physical comedic timing. (SM)