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LOOKA LEW: Tired of sob stories

Eric Lewis, [email protected]

LOOKA LEW: Tired of sob stories

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I HAVE TO BE CAREFUL what I say cause I ain’t got no luck, and right now I feel like I walking on egg shells, but this is something that I feel I need to write about.

Look, a lot o’ Bajans tired, they might not tell you anything, but they tired, and I ain’t being insensitive when I say that. It get to a point that when some of them hear and read the sad stories in the Nation them does just steupse them mouth.

Now this is what I talking ’bout. Almost every week, when you open the Nation newspaper you does see some woman with a load of children begging for help. When you read the story, almost all the children from different fathers, and sometimes when you check she does be pregnant with another child and none of the fathers around.

She ain’t working, she hardly got anywhere to live, she want help with food, money and school things, and I tell you, Bajans getting tired of reading these stories, ’cause they feel these women overdoing it ’cause they know they could run to the Nation for help.

Like I said, I walking on egg shells here, ’cause this is a ticklish topic. Now I sympathise with these ladies, many of whom are young women; 25 or 26 years with five and six children, and of course children never asked to be brought into the world, so although people might be fed up reading these stories, we can’t sit by and watch these lil children suffering.

But I always like to tell young girls, a pack o’ condoms cost $2, but a pack o’ diapers cost nearly $30, so do the math. And it ain’t like the child gine only want one pack o’ diapers in its lifetime, that pack can only last ’bout a week, and it gine want clothes and food too.

But I understand how it does go. In the heat of the moment, you gone out there and get pregnant at a young age. You ain’t working, and from the time your belly swell the man disappear, so from day one you find it rough.

In some cases, the girl’s mother who scrambling to make ends meet got to help out with the child. But my question is, why after seeing how hard you butting it with one child would you go out there and get another child?

Ok, let me answer my own question. Sometimes you know it rough with one child, but you gone out there looking for milk to feed that one and end up with another one and that father gone along ’bout his business too.

I sorry to say, and I hope I am not being insensitive, but it is then that you need to take stock of your life, plus you would have seen what going on with other women who went through the same thing.

And that is what I mean when I say that Bajans tired of reading these stories, because they want to know if these women ain’t seeing what gine on.

Listen, back in the day women used to got ten and 15 children, you couldda get a breadfruit, a yam or some sweet potatoes to feed them. Children used to go school barefoot, and you would always hear ’bout a child who done school at 13 or 14 so she could look after things at home.

When the mother at work, that lil teenager would cook a big pot o’ food, wash a tub o’ clothes and help look after the young ones. But these is different times now, that is why Bajans tired reading bout these stories. See ya.

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