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MAVIS BECKLES: Things that make me wonder


MAVIS BECKLES: Things that make me wonder

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I WAITING TUH SEE when the authorities gine do something bout the amount o’ noise the motorcycles does keep nowadays.

All my life I come along and see all kinds o’ motorcycles and cahn remember evah hearing any o’ dem keeping suh much noise. I would like tuh know if these young men who ya does see flying pass you up and down the roads does buy these motorcycles as they are or duh does install something tuh get dem tuh make this kinda noise.

I doan know if the people who are suppose tuh be dealing wid these kinda things dat affect normal law-abiding citizens does hear the noise. I wonder if it matters tuh dem at all; I pray dat duh would do something bout it because I know dat I speak fuh a lot o’ people when I say dat it is ridiculous and it is getting worse every day.

I waiting tuh see what, if anything is going tuh happen tuh the Child Care Board now dat yet another case of child abuse has surfaced and people, including the mother and the neighbours, are saying dat dem notify the Child Care Board wid the matter before and look at wha’ happening now. You could imagine this sort o’ thing gine on in beautiful Barbados, while we continue tuh sell it as the gem of the Caribbean sea?

It is beginning tuh embarrass me as a Barbadian when ya could be reading bout these kinda sick things dat people do tuh duh children. These is things dat ya would hear happening in other parts o’ the world and we would say dat the people who does do these kinda things so, sick in duh heads: but it happening right here in we own backyard and right under we noses and poor children are living through hell.

Whatevah become of the case of the lil boy from St Lucy who duh say, hang himself? And what about the one where the grandmother say she was begging the people at the Child Care Board not tuh send the poor lil boy back tuh the mother and in a few days he was dead?

Thank God dem three children who used tuh be abused by duh stepfather get released and now living in England wid duh real father who love dem. I wonder when all this lot o’ abuse of our innocent children gine stop.

I wonder when young girls gine stop getting trapped by fellas who cahn help dem outta a shower o’ rain; who come tuh dem wid a lot o’ sweet talk, get dem pregnant and then move on tuh the next gullible and needy young woman.

I wonder if some o’ dem doan read or hear bout the abuse, the neglect or the pain other young women like demselves does be going through all the time. I suppose dem doan think dat it could happen tuh dem, but look at the type o’ men duh getting pregnant for.

I wonder how the poor people in St Joseph and the other parishes dat are affected by the water problem gine fare now wid how things turn out at the water works company.

It look like the problem has no end. I mean not having running water in duh homes all through the Christmas period last year and up tuh this day duh still got the same problem.

Now as if dat aint bad enough, the rain aint falling at all tuh put nuh kinda water in the reservoirs and tuh make a bad situation worse, the water works people went pon strike, My Lord!

I wonder when duh gine bring back the cat-o-nine-tails. I wonder if the people who does make the law cahn see dat it is big able men who does be luring lil girls away from home by offering dem money, clothes and all sort o’ things in order tuh get dem tuh satisfy their sick desires?

It is about time dat duh stop sending these kinda people so up tuh Dodds tuh clutter up the place; dem aint want nuh jail tuh spend a few months up there breezing, only tuh come out and do the same thing all ovah again tuh another set o’ girls.

No! Duh want somebody throwing some licks in duh tails wid the cat-o-nine-tails and I know dat it would change duh minds one time. Watch and see dat after some good lashes none o’ dem aint gine want tuh guh dah route again; duh gine see the people girl children and leff dem.    

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.