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MAVIS BECKLES: Something tuh brag ‘bout


MAVIS BECKLES: Something tuh brag ‘bout

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WELL, I HAVE TO SAY dat after what seems like an eternity, West Indians all ovah the world finally have something tuh smile ’bout, laugh ’bout, holler, feel good and brag ’bout.

Even the naysayers who always had something negative tuh say ’bout whenevah the fellas get beat, now eating duh words and jumping up and carrying on just like we who is die-hard West Indies supporters tuh the end. Like dat writer in England who Sammy talked ’bout when he was being interviewed after the game, when he said dat the man, I think he name Mark Nicholas, describe the West Indies team as a team wid-out brains. He is the same man who all of a sudden after the amazing win, start backing- back and talking ’bout how he ain’t say so.

Well, the boys might not have brains but duh got guts, duh got determination, duh got resilience and duh got God pon duh side. So right now, talk what ya like ’bout dem, duh got the coveted trophy. Dat is why duh brek up England and make big-able men drop tuh duh knees and bawl fuh the whole cricketing world tuh see.

Ya see, when we do it, we does do it big and we does do it wid style; we know dat evahthing is for a time and we all know dat the west Indies have been going through a rough time fuh a good few years now but we know dat there’s a time fuh evahthing under the sun. We also know dat we was the feared team all ovah the world fuh years and when ya is number one, evahbody does be trying hard tuh tek ya out.

So one day we get tek out and since then we have been getting tek out time and time again and we had tuh eat humble pie fuh a long long time. We had tuh tek all kinds o’ nasty remarks from all kinds o’ people but we ain’t stop, we still kept going because as I said before, we got resilience and we know dat one day we woulda bounce back and be able tuh sing the song by Michael Bolton: “When I’m back on my feet again, I’ll walk proud down this street again; and they’ll all look at me again, and they’ll see dat I’m strong.”

And so we did it and we did it like true West Indies, in true West Indian style. Nuh li’l splash; ya just gotta know dat it happen. So, tuh all o’ wunna who nevah thought we coulda make it: tek dat and dat and dat. We could afford tuh show off, we brek dem up like Archie; not once, not twice but three times, three whole times and we bring back the happiness tuh West Indians everywhere.

So let me say thanks tuh the West Indies under nineteen team, thanks tuh the West Indies women T20 team and thanks tuh the West Indies men T20 team fuh standing strong and tall against all the odds and making us proud. From here on out, the only way is up fuh us now is up.

This is turning out tuh be an amazing year in sports. Our athletes, young and old have been excelling in actually every discipline – chess, netball, cricket, synchronised swimming and athletics tuh name a few. I will talk more about his next week. Congratulations and thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.