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FLYING FISH & COU COU: New task for princess


FLYING FISH & COU COU: New task for princess

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LORD HAVE MERCY! The short man with the upper class name hasn’t been given time to settle in and organise things to see if his performance  would lead to a daytime Emmy.

The Pouting Princess is on the warpath in the Pine, again.

This time a different army is being engaged.

And the gurus who were watching pictures and listening to music at the popular liming spot in The Kew had to stop their mirth and merriment and rush to an emergency meeting after getting notice delivered by satellite. 

It is evident that an attractive young lady who likes to cover her eyes in the evening in a manner which distracts all the people who are staring at her, wants back all her bread which was taken from her.

She feels as if she has been wrongly done, unlike the fellow who also had his bread taken away from him. This fellow, who likes to write words and hopes to be like Gamble or Huff, has accepted his fate. Man shall not live by bread alone made in the Pine. This little damsel wants all her bread, regardless of where it is made.

That is why she has called on the Pouting Princess to engage in battle to recapture her month’s supply of bread.

This young performer may be looking for a Screen Actors Guild award, and even the singing schoolteacher may refer to it when he belts out his songs in a few weeks’ time.

Pod comes apart

TWO PEAS in a pod.

That was the way many had considered the short man who likes to enjoy the breath-taking scenery in St John and his madam with the Lancashire accent. But that was once upon a time.

The flame is no longer there and the anger is such that even for this doyen of the family, going separate ways has been the best thing.

That was why recently they were both seen hurrying towards Whitepark Road, one walking coming from somewhere in the Bank Hall area and the other  hurrying coming up Coleridge Street. The short man, who is always optimistic, acknowledges that life must go on, as sometimes it is difficult for a twin-pea when it breaks apart to continue in the same pod. Public life has its perks and its drawbacks.

They have both been heard singing, It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye by Boyz II Men.

Hole in piggy bank

HOLD ON. That’s the plea to a number of people who were counting cash last week even before they got it. These people were promising friends and colleagues a drink, a little gas money and even promising the ladies a little Carnival cruise.

But things did not work out as expected and people at the top are wondering how things will really work out given the real big hole in the piggy bank. When it was held up, people looking on realised there were very few coppers in there – a few silver dollars, but mostly quarters and ten-cent pieces.

The feeling is that the new money can come, but some people – in fact, a fair amount of people – will have to look to the heavens to see how long this bonanza will last. The word from those looking over the books is that it is simply unsustainable.

When those gathered near Heroes Square start to talk, hopefully the full clear picture will flow on the matter, including the need for the outfit to become leaner and more efficient.

Meantime, the question is being raised as to what is happening to the 24-hour clock to be erected on the Hill in the Pine  to help makes things more efficient.