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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Close pals no longer see eye to eye


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Close pals no longer see eye to eye

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THERE HAS BEEN a divorce of friends which has tongues wagging about what could have gone wrong.

This break-up between two males, not in any way lovers, but business partners, has shocked many.

Some people are saying it all has to do with washing laundry in the secret.

One of the people in this separation had to quietly hand over the car keys to the luxury vehicle he drove from near Barbarees Hill to the man cave and  Warrens and Limegrove and all other places for all and sundry to see.

But then he hid and went up Culloden Road and made a deal, leaving  the Siddi out in the dark. It did not go down well and now the man who once cherry-picked the Siddi to get the best lime trees has to stick with the fellow in man cave watching movies.

Not even Spotter could save the man, who once boasted he had the outcome of the big vote, from the wrath of the Siddi.

Last week A and A were in a dome listening to Peter Paul and Mary’s hit song If I Had A Hammer from a new radio station stuck with the late 60s and early 70s sound.


Oh how fortunes change

After being promised the pick would be his, a man who believes strongly in law and order has been left in a daze given the turn of events at Station Hill.

His madam was also interested in a pick, but could not match the man against her. He always has a suitcase full of cash and can easily extract more from all kinds of sources. So she had to stand down. And that is why the deal was that all resources, under the control of the queen, would go into the man who likes to boast of his expertise with a piggy bank.

But a bald head, dreadlocked man did his homework and had people shouting as if they sat at the roundtable until no one else could be heard. Not even the man who shouts directives to young people.

This scenario shows how quickly life changes as this man who even once positioned himself to be an important piggy banker in all the region, is now left out in the cold. He was last seen running down Bush Hall away from Combermere trying to get to the Cave Hill Campus.


Fighting tooth and nail

A crack team of investigators may have to be called in to investigate the “tooth in the dough” incident. Well-placed sources have reported to newsrooms all across the land that a man walking down Barbarees Hill took a bite in a piece of bread and, just so, felt something hard. On close check it was a tooth.

Appalled he sought relief but was generally ignored until he decided to act on guidance given by a luminary who sits with the Pouting Princess. He turned to a friend, a doc from the north, to intercede on his behalf. A settlement was suggested but quickly rejected as it would cause a heart attack to even a good man. 


Rock and a hard place

The Woman in White cannot count on support from one of her staunchest defenders if she prosecutes her persecutors within the next few weeks. He has not abandoned her, but is under the weather. The black intellectual from The Ivy had to undergo major surgery recently and prayers went up non-stop for a successful procedure and total recovery.

This Black Jacobin, who is known for spouting his rhetoric whether in The Belle or My Lord’s Hill, is in good spirits. So if the question asked must be answered within the next two weeks, count him out to give any answer.

One of the people praying with him for his speedy recovery has been the Silent One, his long time early morning chat buddy and conscious brother.