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Fight in River Terminal

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Fight in River Terminal

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THE RIVER BUS TERMINAL was earlier today thrown into a state of confusion after what was described as a bloody exchange of blows by two men.

Though many vendors were tight-lipped as to what occurred, one said a fight broke out between a vendor and another man who frequents the area.

Some passers-by said they were fed up with the violence in that area, with one woman stating it was time police officers made their presence felt more in the area.

Around 12:30 p.m., the sound of sirens pierced the air, overpowering the horns of those Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators who sought out potential passengers.

People in the area paused to look as police officers carried out investigations.

One woman had her shop ransacked by one of the men who threw a brick into her glasscase. She was concerned about her rising blood pressure and said her next move was to go home as she wanted to just get away from what transpired.

Acting Senior Superintendent David Welch told NATION Online he was unaware of what sparked the fight but stated the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) would be investigating the matter. (MR)

Police on the scene of a fight in the River Bus Terminal, Bridgetown. 










Commuters paused at a safe distance to watch events as they unfolded in the River Bus Terminal, Bridgetown.