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Minister sounds alarm over road rage


Minister sounds alarm over road rage

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GOVERNMENT SENATOR Dr Esther Byer Suckoo has raised alarm about increased incidents of road rage in Barbados.

The Minister of Labour and Human Resource Development said more drivers were becoming frustrated by long delays on the roads, caused by the vast number of vehicles.

Stating that incidents of road rage were escalating, she told the Senate yesterday that she was recently informed of a dangerous situation involving two motorists.

Byer Suckoo relayed that a motorcyclist had cut off another motorist who responded by blowing his horn. In response, the motorcyclist blocked the car by stopping in the middle of the road, opened the car door and pepper-sprayed the driver. The minister said this underscored the need for more education and monitoring on the roads.

She was opening debate on a resolution for Government to compulsorily acquire land at Redman’s Village, St Thomas; Warrens Terrace in St Thomas and St James, and Lodge Hill, St Michael, for infrastructural work under the Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project. 

Independent Senator Sir Henry Fraser questioned the time taken to acquire the parcels of lands to proceed with the Warrens project.

Noting that it had been under way for almost a decade, Sir Henry said there seemed to be some inefficiencies regarding the management of the project, which had inconvenienced many people. (WILLCOMM)