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DEAR CHRISTINE: What is the proper way to tip?


DEAR CHRISTINE: What is the proper way to tip?

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DEAR CHRISTINE: I’ll like to run something by you which you may be able to help me understand. It has nothing to do with relationships.

It’s about dining out.

A couple of friends and I usually take it upon ourselves to celebrate our friendship by eating out occasionally.

I am just 19 years old, and may not know the best way to tip a waiter.

What I want to find out is this: If the gratuities are already added to our prices per meal, why should waiters and waitresses believe you should still give them 10 per cent of the total bill?


Hi Di,

Tipping is always at your discretion. If you believe a waiter or waitress deserves a tip of some sort, you can still go ahead and tip even though the gratuities are included in the bill. Remember, this is not mandatory but it is acceptable.